Sunday, June 1, 2014

Using Find-A-Record to clean up the FamilySearch Family Tree

If a lot of information about your ancestors has been added to the FamilySearch Family Tree by others or comes from merged records from other systems, you may have difficulty figuring out where you can begin.  Find-A-Record Research Assistant is a free tool that evaluates your FamilySearch Family Tree and provides a list of opportunities:

  • records that have missing information (birth or death facts)
  • records with missing relationships (parents or spouses)
  • information not supported by a record
  • information that is obviously incorrect, duplicate, or non-standard (meaning that the date or name of a place isn't in the correct format).  

Find-A-Record is a great tool whether you're a beginner or an experienced researcher.  To get started, go to and click on [Start]. Simply log in using your user name and password, then click on each Opportunity to see what you can do!

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