Sunday, November 17, 2013

Digital Collections - State Archives of North Carolina

State Archives of North Carolina Landing Page
Do you have family ties to North Carolina? Early North Carolina records are available digitally at the State Archives of North Carolina web site. Digital collections include early newspapers, family Bible records, War of 1812 pay vouchers, cemetery transcriptions, marriage records, estates, guardianships, and more.

 To search North Carolina Family Records Online, start at the State Archives of North Carolina and click on the link to Digital Collections and Publications in the green "For the Public" box.  (Or bookmark the page!)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Use your smart phone and a blog to capture your family story!

If you've got a smart phone, use it to help you capture your family story as it unfolds. Blogger and Wordpress are free blogging sites, and both have smart phone apps that can combine text, photos, and videos on-the-spot blog to create blog posts. Blogs can have multiple contributors, so family members who live far away can tell part of the story, too. Make your blog private, if you'd like, so only those you invite can view it.

Because those blog posts are stored in the "cloud", they won't disappear if you lose your phone or accidentally delete everything when you upgrade to your next phone.

Waiting until you have "more time" to begin recording memories means that you're losing precious moments along the way! To get started, go to or

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Church of Ireland - Anglican Records Project

St Luran, (Derryloran) Cookstown 
(one of the parishes currently available)
Baptism, marriage and burial registers of the Church of Ireland are being made available in digital format on the church's website. While only a handful of parishes are fully transcribed, the number is growing steadily. The records are in searchable PDF book format (not images of the actual registers), and each parish includes a table that lists churches individually, along with the years covered. 

 To see the list of parishes currently available, go to Church of Ireland - Anglican Records Project. Also check out "Genealogy" under [Pages of Interest] on the Welcome page to read Church of Ireland research policies, and to learn more about records destroyed in the 1922 fire at the Public Record Office, as well as records that might be effective replacements for burned records. 

Contact information and details about how to request information through local clergy are also provided.