Sunday, June 8, 2014

Super simple scanning to the FamilySearch Family Tree!

Click on the FamilySearch logo on the printer to get started!
Have you got a photo or document that helps tell your family story?  Have you got a login and two minutes?

Bring that photo or document (or a stack of them) to the Williamsburg Family History Center, log into your account on the Lexmark printer (yes, THE PRINTER!), place your document face down on the glass and press [Scan]. 

That's it! Your irreplaceable item is scanned directly to your Memories tab on  No cables to connect, scanner software to navigate, thumb drives to fumble, or file types to puzzle over. Just follow the prompts, and whatever you scan lands in your Memories collection on FamilySearch.

When you're finished scanning, log into FamilySearch on a computer (from home or while you're still at the FHC), tag those photos or documents, and attach them to people in the Family Tree.  For step-by-step instructions, see How to Scan Documents to Family Tree.

Preserve and share a precious memory this week. Stop by the Family History Center.

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