Sunday, January 5, 2014

Where to begin?

Has it been a few months (or years?!) since you did anything with your family history?  Wondering where to begin?  Take just five minutes today to log in to to see your Family Tree.  (Your account login and password are also your login and password.)  Once you're logged in and viewing the tree, click one of the small right arrows to display additional generations.  

FamilySearch Record in need of help!
This one needs death dates and places,
marriage date and place.
Each generation should list the full name of both father and mother and should display both birth and death years.  If there are blanks where years should be, or if the word "deceased" is there instead of a year, begin by finding and recording that information.

Depending on where and when your ancestor lived, FamilySearch may have records available to help you fill in those blanks, and document (prove) that information.

Don't wait until you "have time."  Next time you're on the computer to check email, update your facebook status, or browse Pinterest, start by looking at your family tree first!  If you find a blank you can't quickly fill, stop by the Family History Center for help.  

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