Saturday, September 29, 2012

Writing a Personal History

It's often difficult to begin writing a personal history. What do you say? What's important? Consider using family photos as a starting point.  Bring out old family pictures, then videotape yourself describing what is in each picture and what you remember about the event. Be sure to videotape the photo as you are speaking.

Don't wait for one of your children or grandchildren to ask to interview you! Start now to videotape (or audiotape) your own recollections.  It doesn't need to be a major projection.  Start with one family picture and spend 10-20 minutes (or whatever it takes), describing it. It won't be long before most of your family story is recorded.

Family History isn't just learning about our ancestors.  It's also about preserving our memories and sharing them with our children and grandchildren.

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